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NUGGET FINDER coils in New Zealand

Nugget Finder Gold Search Coils

We are happy to become the long-awaited outlet for NUGGET FINDER coils in New Zealand. The GPX range of Minelab detectors are still some of the best selling and best performing detectors all over the world and having the advantage of using some of the best if not THE BEST coils available sets you apart from other detectorists.

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Minelab has established an Authorised Service Centre in New Zealand

Minelab Authorised Dealer

We are very pleased to announce that Minelab has established an Authorised Service Centre in New Zealand.

A & E Electronics Ltd
Level 1, 184 Shaw Avenue
New Brighton
Christchurch 8083
Ph: 03 372-1213

A&E can be contacted for both warranty and non warranty repairs.

Minelab has released the latest update for the GPZ 7000 today, 3. July 2017. GPZ owners who don’t have this latest update installed should click on the link below and save it to their computer from where they can load it onto their machine.

Software Updates (Detector Firmware)

GPZ 7000 Firmware June 2017 (20170630) (11.26 MB)

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MINELAB authorised dealer

MINELAB Metal Detectors in Arrowtown

We are proud to announce that MINELAB has taken us on board and given us the authorised dealer status. We are very privileged being able to support this trusted brand. Our first Minelab detector was a SD2100 which we still use over 20 years later.