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Hello, we are the new owners of DredgeNZ – Charles and Tania Innes

We are from the Lindis Pass where we own and operate Dunstan Downs High Country Sheep Station. Charles is fourth generation of the farm and we have two children Madison and Cameron.

Ongoing changes in the farming industry and in particular to pastoral leases inspired us to start to look for something new to do. In early 2022 we travelled to Christchurch to buy a dredge from Dan Gerber, as we had been offered a share in a gold claim. While talking about farming and our desire to find something new, Dan mentioned that he was selling his business and the idea was seeded from

there. We have always had an interest in gold and mining. We started panning in a local river 20 years ago and soon caught the gold bug. Over the years Charles has built his own sluices, high bankers and dredges, some worked, some didn’t. We have both travelled around the South Island going to all the fossicking spots and meeting like-minded people learning the tricks of the trade.

We will strive to continue what Dan Gerber has done for DredgeNZ and continue to grow this business and keep supplying quality prospecting and mining gear to you all.

Dredging for gold is part of our business. We own and operate several mining claims/permits in the South Island of New Zealand.


Previous History

Dredge NZ was originally founded by Dan Young in Invercargill in 2010, the business moved to Cromwell and changed hands to Dan Gerber in 2013. His company “GOLDRUSH TOURS & SUPPLIES LTD” was already the market leader when it came to supplying the industry and the public with gold mining equipment. Dan Gerber took the business on and has since grown it into what it is today. Dan has now passed the mantle on to Charles and Tania to enable him to retire and spend more time doing what he loves – looking for gold!!

Gold Dredging underwater

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