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Searching For Gold: Gold Panning Beginners Kit

Metal detectors for gold panning


For many gold prospectors, the enjoyment and excitement of prospecting is not merely the hunt for gold, but also the adventure and opportunity to interact with nature. Gold prospecting is a great hobby that offers the chance to discover nature’s abundance as well as a chance to hit the jackpot.

If you’re new to the world of gold prospecting or struggling with prospecting, DredgeNZ is the right store for you. We are committed to supporting you in your gold panning and mining efforts. We offer a variety of reliable tools to make your search faster and easier.

Basic Gold Panning Equipment


Gold prospectors know that prospecting requires extensive patience and dedication. Unlike many hobbies that require a large investment, gold panning and prospecting can be inexpensive. Most of the equipment and tools may be found around your home.

A few basic pieces of equipment should be enough to help you begin your gold prospecting journey. Here are some of the most basic and inexpensive tools and equipment to get you started.

  • The Gold Pan

Considered the most basic tool in gold panning, the gold pan is also one of the most important and effective tools to help you with your prospecting.

  • The Sluice Box

While the gold pan is one of the most effective tools in panning, it could take you time to pan all the gold in a particular location, making it difficult to get them all in a day. To speed up the gold panning process without taking up too much of your time, a sluice box can be useful.

  • The Shovel

Shovels come in different sizes for different situations. Finding the right size for a particular location could help you locate gold without the hassle of wasting your time only using your bare hands.

  • The Pick

In gold panning, environmental and weather changes can be your greatest enemy.  Gold is often washed away and mixed with old river stones and soil, so to help you quickly get the gold from hardened rocks and dirt, a pick is a great tool.

  • The Classifier

Since pieces of gold are mixed with gravel and sand, the classifier is essential to reduce the material that needs to be put through the sluice or has to be panned by hand. The classifier is a round screen that fits perfectly on top of a gold pan or bucket to separate the finer material from the bigger rocks.

  • The Gold Map

If you would like to spend more time and money looking for gold, the gold map is crucial and a must-have in your prospecting journey. It helps you locate gold easily without scratching and excess effort. All it takes is your persistence to dig, identify and process the gold.

Gold Panning Kit: Sluice Box

Whether you are a beginner or struggling using the classic gold pan, a Sluice Box is a perfect tool to help you with your panning. Sluice Boxes come in different sizes and materials that are very handy for gold prospectors.  They are designed to easily screen all the rock materials with suspected gold.

If you’re looking for the best and inexpensive tools to help you with gold panning DredgeNZ is an excellent choice. With various selections from our store, you can start planning for your next prospecting location right away.

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