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Where can I pan for gold in New Zealand?

Gold Panning has inspired thousands of people to become amateur gold hunters. Many of them are spending most of their time in search of high-value gold so the quest for gold has fueled a surge in the sales of gold panning tools.

Although panning has a downside on panners’ safety and the environment, it has brought a notable impact on a country or community’s economic growth. In New Zealand, a lot of prospects are in search of high-value gold. Although this may seem like a test of luck for many, professional panners have discovered the best spots to pan for gold.

Thankfully, innovation has helped in the discovery of these elusive metals. A wide range of equipment is used to locate gold quickly. And here at DredgeNZ, we are with you in your quest for gold panning and mining. We offer a variety of reliable tools to make your search faster and easier.

Based on our knowledge and experience, here are some of the best spots for gold panning in New Zealand, right amongst active gold mining and gold dredging claims:

Otago and Marlborough

Otago New Zealand - Gold panning destination

Usually, gold mining requires a permit from NZP&M. However, there are some public fossicking areas in Otago and not too far away from Marlborough where you can freely enjoy recreational gold mining without the need for a permit. Follow this link to find out where these areas are.

Golden Bay

Golden Bay New Zealand - Where to go gold panning

Golden Bay is not named for its sunshine but its gold. As early as 1853, traces were found in the Aorere Valley. As the name suggests, Golden Bay was once a gold rush town, and the Aorere Goldfields Track will take you back in time to the old gold-mining days.

Coromandel Peninsula

Coromandel Peninsula - Gold panning in New Zealand

Coromandel was one of the first places in New Zealand to discover a rich history of golds, causing prospects to migrate to the area in search of fortune. Gold helped develop the early economy on The Coromandel by attracting people, investment, shipping, and resources.


Hokitika - Where to pan for gold in New Zealand

Hokitika is one of the best spots to look for gold. There are a handful of areas  set aside for recreational gold fossicking near Hokitika. Some have a picnic, barbecue, and camping facilities, and most are easy to access. Alluvial gold is present in all these areas, although the concentrations can sometimes be low. Follow this link to find out where these areas are.

The community in Hokitika is also rich in artisans and cultural heritage, making them one of the best spots not just for gold panners but also for travelers worldwide.

If you’re planning to start a quest for gold in the places we’ve mentioned, make sure to list down essential tools to help you in your journey in locating these high-valued treasures. We recommend buying from an expert like DredgeNZ to ensure that you get the right tools and helpful tips to guide you on your expedition.