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Top 5 Gold Prospecting Equipment

gold prospecting equipment

Gold Prospecting Equipment

In the last 10 years, the price of gold has tripled, and the long-term price trends still point up. If you’re looking for a hobby with potential financial benefits, gold prospecting is a great choice.

Having the right gold prospecting equipment will change your entire approach to this fun activity. With the right tools and equipment available, your chances of finding this precious metal are much higher. Here at DredgeNZ, we’ve gathered all the necessary equipment that you’ll need to start your panning and prospecting journey.

PROLINE 6″ Dredge

If you’re thinking about starting your gold prospecting operation, a Proline Dredge can help you gather more gold nuggets and flakes in no time for exploration and mining projects. The best part is that it can be operated by one person.


Using the classic gold pan on its own can take a lot of time. That is why we recommend using a Sluice Box to gather all the gold without any hassle. Our Sluice Box has been a trusted tool for decades, allowing you to work on panning and prospecting at full capacity.

Gold Hog Stream Sluice

Our Gold Hog Stream Sluice features a regular flow mat and a low flow mat, making it easier for you to filter all the gold pieces and solid rock particles separately. It’s a powerful tool to increase mining productivity.


For lightweight gold panning and prospecting projects, nothing beats the Tee Dee EZ-Sluice. With its new flare design feature, your first gold nugget will get trapped in the exposed surface area of the box which is ribbed for further gold catching.


Le Trap Sluice Box

If you’re just starting your gold prospecting and panning journey, it is important to begin with handy tools and equipment. Our Le trap Sluice Box is made of lightweight wear-resistant green plastic, making it easier to take it with you to any location at any time.

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