1/8th Share in Gold Claim on Shotover River above Skippers Creek


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For sale on behalf of the owner is a 1/8th share in SHOTOVER GOLD DIGGERS LIMITED (5472963) owner of Mining Permit No: 41739

This part of the Shotover River has been commercially mined by L&M mining in the 1980’s. However they couldn’t get all the gold, there are still plenty chunky nuggets and a lot of fine gold left to be found. Along this particular stretch of river there are a lot of deep crevices that the digger buckets couldn’t get into and still nowadays there’s gold being shed from many gold bearing veins crossing the river.

The Shotover River became famous as the richest gold bearing river in the world. It has a rich gold mining history and the scenery is just stunning.

The main reason this opportunity has arisen, the owner resides in Christchurch, so rarely gets the chance to head down for a proper play.

* Great camping spot at McLeods, top end of the claim plus numerous places along the river
* No additional NZPAM transfer fee to pay

Claim shareholder rules:

* Eight shares to be the total limit of shares and each share remains whole as one share.
* Show consideration to the few other river users. e.g. no ropes across the river that could entangle kayakers etc.
* If annual fee payments (1/8th) remain unpaid for 60 days after due date the company has the option to sell the share and recover costs before returning the balance to the shareholder.
* Bring your friends but only one dredge/operation per share. Friends/visitors must be accompanied by a shareholder at all times. No exemptions!
* Respect and don’t interfere with other shareholders operations. If dredging, maintain such a distance that you don’t “muddy their water”. Allow a 100 meter clearance upriver.
* Most important, find gold and have fun!