Deluxe KK-6 (Kwik Kiln® 6) Propane Furnace Kit with 2 torches

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If our GPK KWIK KILN® II is too small for your needs, well, here it is, the perfect size! Melt up to 10 oz of gold in one go.

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Our newest modular mid-size kiln.

Deluxe Kit includes:

• 6″ (152 mm) round by 7″ (178 mm) tall refractory Kiln with 3″ (76 mm) diameter x 4″ (101 mm) tall chamber
• 1 Salamander A0.5 clay graphite crucible
• 2 NAC-500 Graphite Mini Crucibles for smaller pours
• 1 clay crucible stand (pedestal)
• 8″ tongs
• 2 Bernzomatic TS4000 torches
• 1 lb (450 g) white melting flux
• 1 lb (450 g) GPK premium black gold flux
• Graphite single conical mold
• Graphite 2 oz Gold Loaf mold (1 oz Silver or Copper)
• Jar Liner Restore high quality maintenance material
• Instructions, smelting tips

Note: Pencil tip torches are not sufficient for this size kiln.

The refractory materials of our kilns are good for up to 1250° Celsius which allows you to melt gold, copper, silver with ease, in only 15 minutes.

To get started you will also need:
• Two Propane gas cylinders from Mitre10 or Bunnings at around $50 each. This is because we are unable to ship the gas cylinders around NZ.

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Firing the KK6 beyond the operating effectiveness of the refractory kiln material or the use of any other torch or propellant other than propane or Mapp gas automatically voids any actual or implied warranties.
No guarantee is given on the amount of gold or silver or other precious metals obtained from this process, as it depends upon the quality of your materials to begin with. The more precious metals that are in your black sand, ore, or old jewellery, the larger your results will be.
This kiln is not a toy and is not to be used by children. This is a kiln that ultimately generates temperatures in excess of 2200° F. Do not allow children or animals in the immediate area when you are firing. Use at your own risk and follow all recommended and common-sense safety precautions. Sellers are not responsible for accidents or injuries caused by hot kilns or contents. Using one purchased from this seller acknowledges that you use it at your own risk.


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