Devin Gold VDR (Vortex Drop Riffle) mat for Gold Cube

$155.65 +GST for NZ

Devin Gold Vortex Drop Riffle mat specially designed for the Gold Cube. Please note that gold in gallery image is not included.

All prices are subject to 15% GST for customers within New Zealand. International customers (shipping outside of NZ) are exempt from paying GST.

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These Devin Gold VDR (Vortex Drop Riffle) mat inserts are for use in a Gold Cube, to increase the recovery of fine gold particles while also reducing the clean-up times over the hard to clean default mats.

Due to the fairly steep angle the Gold Cube operates at, at least two mats are recommended for optimal recovery rates.

Mats can be installed in a blank tray with silicone or adhesive products or by using a clamp attachment.



Width: 300 mm (external)
Length: 300 mm
Thickness: 8 mm


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