GX200-GX160 Heat Exchanger

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DWX uses a tube and shell heat exchanger made entirely of 316 stainless steel. All fittings and hardware (except the strainer) are stainless as well. The shell of the 2.5″ heat exchanger houses 19 internal 1/4″ sealed stainless tubes through which the engine exhaust passes. Cold water from the pump first passes through a 50 mesh strainer then enters the shell of the heat exchanger through the 1″ lower side port. Water circulates inside the shell and around the sealed exhaust tubes, heating the water. Hot water flows out of the top 1″ port and the temperature is regulated by either opening or closing the 1/2″ stainless valve; adjusting the flow. Each DWX heat exchanger is equipped with a 145°F thermal relief valve that will open and divert hot water out of the shell; stopping water flow to the diver. This ensures the diver isn’t scalded with boiling water or steam if water flow from the pump is interrupted. The shell of the heat exchanger holds 20oz of water. This volume of water is extremely unlikely to flash to steam even without a temperature relief valve. The clear pump feed hose and strainer cup show water flow and turbidity. Hot exhaust leaves the engine through a TIG welded stainless manifold then flows vertically thru the heat exchanger, exiting cold at the top. The heat exchanger is stabilized and vibration isolated with a stainless clamp and support bar.

You would have to supply the hoses yourself or we can source them for you.


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