E6000 – Industrial strength adhesive

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E6000 is a polyurethane-based adhesive to meet high-performance industrial requirements.

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DREDGENZ uses this adhesive regularly for gluing the power jet “bullet” to the suction hose.

It is:

  1. Stronger and 60x more flex than polyurethane
  2. Non-flammable once cured and  unaffected by extreme heat or cold once cured
  3. Chemical resistant and safe for applications exposed to dilute acids and dilute caustics
  4. Waterproof can be submerged in fresh and salt water after complete cure
  5. Paintable to match surrounding areas
  6. Flexible and excellent for bonding items subject to vibration
  7. Industrial strength, non-flammable adhesive that provides versatility not found in silicons and rubber cements
  8. Maintains a flexible bond in cold temperatures
  9. Exceptional adhesion to wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, masonry and concrete

3.7 fl oz (109.4mL)