Gold Hog “Talon” mat

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The “Talon” mat should be combined with other mats and not run alone.

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  • The TALON Sluice mat is a VERY aggressive mat, but is aggressive without creating turbulence. It treats the BED LOAD of the slurry (heavy material on the bottom) without throwing it back up into the main current.
    It is designed to be an “unevenly tuned” mat. This means that some of the grooves will hold more material, while others exchange out quicker. This helps when dealing with incremental processing on heavier feed / sediment rates. In “plain English” …. there is always somewhere OPEN for the gold to hide, even under heavy load conditions.

All “Gold Hog” mats measure 36” x 6” or approx. 915 mm “wide” by approx. 152 mm “long”.

“Gold Hog” mats can be mixed and matched and interchange with common interlocking male and female ends. This means that the customer picks the requested mat types, cuts them to their sluice width and assembles them to the proper length.

There are SEVERAL WAYS to install and use the “Gold Hog” sluice mats. Each person will have to vary the install based on their own equipment, spacing and ability to modify if needed. However, once done, most find the effective gold recovery rate increases greatly.

Watch this Youtube video on how to cut and install “Gold Hog” mats.


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