Gold Hog “Wave” mat

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The newest mat from Gold Hog.

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Unlike any other mat on the market today, the new WAVE MAT™ from GoldHog® uses a different technology to capture super fine gold.  It utilizes water speed, velocity, settling velocity, and terminal velocity principles to capture fine gold from previously difficult to process materials. (Thick slurries, fine beach sands, etc)

The elliptical / convex surface causes A CHANGE IN SLURRY SPEED AND ENERGY, allowing gold to fall out of the slurry without the turbulence of a RIFFLE.  Much like happens when a river or stream TURN A CORNER. This provides a variance in flows and energy which is required for settling.  Also, the bed-load (lower portion) of the slurry gently rises and falls without turbulence, and this action allows the heaviest particles to fall out of the flow first… and be captured.

This mat is a VERY effective mat when placed FURTHER down the sluice in more QUIET areas. It will capture fine gold that traditional / more turbulent riffle / matting systems miss.  It is NOT aggressive, it is a finishing mat.  If you are running a traditional sluice your slurry should first be exposed to more aggressive / traditional capture methods such as our Talon mat, Scrubber Mat, Riverhog mat, etc.

It’s critical to understand that the WAVE mat is a LOW energy mat and therefore it’s an ideal mat for using in the Gold Cube but not in your normal river sluice or dredge.

All “Gold Hog” mats measure 36” x 6” or approx. 915 mm “wide” by approx. 152 mm “long”.

Watch this Youtube video on how to cut and install “Gold Hog” mats.


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