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A solid and sturdy gold wheel with undercut riffles and vibrating bowl.

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A true and tested vibrating spiral gold wheel

* Recovers more fine gold – 96-98% OF 150 MESH
* Runs 40 lb of concentrate in an hour
* Amalgamate concentrates

*ONE PIECE BOWL with undercut grooves to hold the fine gold in the wheel
* 4 large feeder plows to get material into grooves
* Jigging/vibration action to settle fine gold into the grooves
* UV resistant plastic that can withstand 93º Celsius without warping to maintain the gold wheels effectiveness with time
* Stainless steel shaft
* 12V operation with approximately 3 amp hour draw from unit

Wheel Measurements: Ø 445 mm x 75 – 100 mm deep.

For a video demonstration, please check this out:


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