GPK Deluxe Hybrid Kwik Kiln Kit with 2 Mag-Torches

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Portable propane fired kiln designed to perform several tasks with speed and ease.

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Melt 1 to 6 oz of fine placer gold (1 to 3 oz silver) – take it to the field with you!

Definition of CUPELLATION:
A refining process for non-oxidizing metals, such as silver and gold, in which a metallic mixture is oxidized at high temperatures and base metals are separated by absorption into the walls of a cupel.

You can only cupel in a hybrid or cupelling kwik kiln, but the first step is to create a “lead” prill by melting your unrefined gold or metal.

The diffuser – the top section of the combustion chamber that is jacketed with stainless steel – is chamfered in the hybrid kwik kiln. The chamfered edge is designed for cupelling, to open the flame exiting the kwik kiln and expose the cupel and burning lead to atmospheric oxygen, thereby allowing the conversion of metallic lead to Litharge, which is then absorbed by the cupel.

The diffuser chamfer has to be the correct angle for this to occur.

The Hybrid CM Kwik Kiln is a combination furnace for both cupelling or melting metals. It contains the chamfered diffuser or Cupel Kwik Kiln.

Kit includes:
• chamfered diffuser for cupelling
• 4 premium bone ash cupels
• (2) mini graphite crucibles
• (1) graphite 2 oz gold / 1 oz silver or copper loaf mold
• stainless steel mini tongs
• 6″ scissor tongs
• 2 Mag torches
• 3 ounces of melting flux
• instructions for both cupelling and melting

Besides the above kit this listing includes two MT200 pencil tip torches.The only other thing you need to buy to get started are two tall Propane gas cylinders from Mitre10 or Bunnings at around $20 each. This is because we are unable to ship them around NZ.

These torches are highly recommended by the designers as the ideal torches for use with the GPK Kwik Kiln.
• Easier to use, puts out more heat
• Reaches melting temperature in 10 minutes without over-firing.
• Orifice and head are larger
• Able to turn it up higher without pencil flame protruding into combustion chamber
• Less grooving of the graphite crucible
• Easier to regulate
• Flame is more stable; can set canister down after lighting without having to re-adjust flame
• Made of all solid brass
• Made in USA

Please note that a design change in the kiln has made the originally supplied spacer ring obsolete.

Measurements of Kwik Kiln:
Ø 4″ / 102 mm OD
Height 4″ / 102 mm

Please note:
• This mini kiln is not recommended for smelting ore concentrates, due to the limited capacity for both cons and refining flux 1 to 3 ratios.
• The refractory materials of our kilns are good for up to 1250° Celsius which allows you to melt gold, copper, silver with ease, in only 15 minutes.

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