Graphite Double Depression Conical Mold

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Graphite Double cavity conical cone mold for precious metal casting. Pour two 15 oz conical shaped ingots of gold.

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NAC-699 Graphite is long lasting, needs no pre-heating, is rust free and will not stick. Conical slag molds are ideal for separating impurities from gold ore concentrates. The conical molds unique shapes helps the pure gold settle at the bottom of the cast.

Great for separating impurities, smelting black sand, or assaying! Made from high-density fine grain graphite, smooth finish; typically lasts for 30+ pours.  Tapers to the point!

Width: 76 mm
Length: 140 mm
Height: 50 mm
Top Diameter: ~50 mm
Conical Depression Depth: 38 mm


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