How To Find Gold Book

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How To Find Gold Metal Detecting and Panning

  • Soft Cover
  • 3″ x 5″ Reference Size
  • 72 Pages
  • Author: Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal


INTRODUCTION There is no deep mystery to prospecting for gold. The precious metal has been a subject of man’s striving since the dawn of time. But, there is still excitement in the search itself. And, there can be great profit. After purchasing a gold pan kit or metal detector, no further expenditures of cash are required. Success is limited only by the enterprise you display and your dreams as a prospector. The thrill of happiness is immeasurable, but monetary rewards come in all sizes from small nuggets worth a few hundred dollars to the huge “Hand of Faith” nugget that was found by an amateur prospector with a Garrett detector and reportedly sold for one million dollars.

You can expect to find gold in many forms:

  • Placer (pronounced “plas-er,” plaster without the “T”) deposits, either in a stream or in dry sand and gravel;
  • Nuggets of pure metal, which can be found in nature by themselves, in veins or as part of a placer deposit; and
  • Lode or hard rock deposits in a vein and often combined with other materials.

Placer gold is the type most often sought by the weekend prospector who enters the gold fields with a panning kit. Yet more and more hobbyists are now taking metal detectors with them to search for nuggets and rich lode deposits as well. Plus, detectors can help locate deposits of placer gold which can then be panned.

Beginning prospectors and professionals alike can find gold in a pan or discover gold nuggets with a metal detector. They can relive the past, participate in adventure in the great outdoors and enjoy physical exercise, all the while with the potential of monetary profit at the risk of only a few dollars.

It could happen to you!



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