Keene High Production Trommel

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 Sluice Box Not Included.
We are excited to present Keenes New KT10 Trommel. The KT10 Trommel is ideal for harsh conditions such as high clay content, heavily rooted material and compacted gravels. The material is fed and washed in the feed hopper that flows into the classifier drum. The drum, with the spray bars and breaker bars, thoroughly washes and classifies the material creating ideal conditions for optimum fine gold recovery in any sluice.  The KT10 is capable of moving serious amounts of material of up to one yard per hour, keeping a one or two man crew busy.
The feed hopper, belly pan and drum end caps are constructed out of a bulletproof Polyethylene Cross link plastic incorporating designs you can only get out of a mold. We put a lot of thought and testing before we built these molds and everything works flawlessly.  We fabricated the Drum out of a aluminum punch plate with replaceable drums with a variety of sizes (such as 3/8” ¼” and ½”) for different applications.  We have unique flipper bars that can be modified and even removed for different materials. The 5 adjustable articulating legs allow the machine to be set up in the most adverse conditions in just a few minutes also fine tuning only takes seconds.  The sluice box can run out either side making it faster and easier to set up, plus you have a perfect view to watch the sluice box load while feeding. We recommend the KT10SA sluice box adaptor which attaches to our 10” wide sluice box (A52 or A52S) this makes a longer sluice box with Miracle Matting, expanded metal,1/8th inch classifier and a long rubber mat to smooth out the flow.     The KT10DC runs off of two 12 Volt DC pumps and A 12 volt motor.
The two RP2200 pumps provide the water pressure for the DC motor to spin the drum. It can run roughly 6 hours on a 12 volt battery making it ideal for maintaining a silent, low profile operation or when gas engines are not allowed. Use at the water’s edge.  Mark’s favorite is the Water driven motor KT10WD.  The high-pressure water spins the water motor that drives a planetary gearbox that spins the drum. The high pressure P90GH Provides enough water volume and pressure to spin the water motor and provides more than ample water for the spray bars and feed hopper. Works similar to a high banker away from the water.  The KT10 feed hopper sets roughly 2.5 feet above ground making it easier to shovel into and set buckets on the support for a easy controlled feed. The Trommel is a pleasure to work with since the tailings are kicked out 5 feet away keeping you dry.


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