Keene P90 Water Pump

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Keene P90 Water Pump

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This pump has a capacity of 100 Gallons per Minute, a maximum of 161 feet of head pressure and bolts directly onto a Honda GXH50 engine.

Please note that the newest version of the P90 pumps are supplied with an O-ring seal instead of the pictured cork gasket.

Intake: 1.5″
Discharge: 1.25″, NPT thread



Priming instruction for P90 or other Keene pumps
1. Make sure that the engine is ready to operate and is completely fuelled up and choke is on if needed.
2. Make sure the foot valve and hose assembly is clamped to the intake of the pump and in the water.
3. Loosen brass cap about 1 turn to allow air to bleed out.
4. Keeping the foot valve in the water thrust the foot valve back and forth.
5. You will notice that water starts climbing up the intake hose and you will hear a slight hiss of air coming from the cap. As water is displacing the area of the intake the air will become slightly compressed and that is the air that is bleeding from the brass cap. When you see water dripping from underneath the brass cap or a full flush of water coming out the discharge of the pump it’s time to tighten the brass cap and start the engine.
6. Repeat these steps again if it does not work.
Be sure to practice priming the pump before using it in the field to make sure that your pump is working properly.


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