KEENE Super Max – 6226HSMAX

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Keene’s newest dredge, the 6 Inch Super Max Sump Dredge.

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This beast outperforms all other dredges in the world for micro fine gold recovery. The entire dredge was built with state of the art technology including new floats, frame, pumps, power jets and more. The sluice box is over-sized to control the material and allow the fine material as it is classified into a slower velocity zone. We have found through years of experience, testing and customer feed back, that the best method to collect gold is to alter the sluice box into different riffle sizes and expanded metal classifiers. We have also found that the use of woven wire creates greater drag and deposits the smaller material much more effectively and efficiently than a traditional punch plate. The oversize 8 feet by 24 inch wide sluice box will capture the majority of heavy material and disseminate the clay conglomerate providing a smooth slow slurry as it is classified into the sump, which is located at the end of the main sluice.

The sump was engineered by computer aided design, optimizing seamless flow of fine material that is being drawn into the sump and vacuumed out into the side boxes. One of the main keys to making the sump work correctly is to use the custom made, heavy woven wire to create the proper drag on finer material which allows the coarser non value material to pass through. The sump creates a slight negative vacuum on the screen that pulls 100% of all the finer values into the sump. From there it is pumped into the elevated side boxes. By pumping the minus 1/8th material into a controlled flow environment. All the super fine gold, up to 500 mesh, can be recovered from the side sluice boxes. The side boxes are constructed with a 10” wide header box that flares up 17 inches wide and 5 feet in length. The sluice is lined with our world famous Miracle Mat and is partially covered with expanded metal.
As stated earlier, the new float and frame assembly is also newly designed. The frame is precision made on a C&C Mill and water jet machine and constructed out of lightweight tubular steal for superior strength. The floats are by far the most advanced floats in the industry, providing a long tapered nose with cupped runners. This allows the dredge to cut through fast water effortlessly. Constructed of cross link polyethylene material with brass inserts that are cast into the top of the floats for securing to the framework of the dredge.

The universal frame sections make this dredge a snap to set up and disassemble. You will only need a 9/16th wrench and socket to put this frame together.

The Super Max listed here is powered by two Honda GX390 (13 hp engines for greater depths). The attached heavy duty air compressor – 263 – PCA-10 provides air for two divers. The pumps are equipped with a 1 inch accessory port that drive a pair of 2.5 inch suction systems. The systems are outfitted with ball valves that are equipped to meter the flow to the side sluices with precision. You can use the side sluice as a primary clean up concentrator. What does that mean? Well, traditionally you would have to haul several buckets of concentrates and process the material on a separate unit, which could take hours, depending on the concentrating equipment available. With the Super Max, cleaning the concentrates is a breeze! Simply take the concentrates from the main sluice and run them through the side boxes.

Additionally the Super Max comes with a blaster nozzle, hose and shut off valve to clean out cracks in the bedrock at ease. As a standard the Super Max has 20ft of heavy duty suction hose supplied.

Please note that a few small changes have been made to the side sluice system since the video has been recorded.


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