$604.35 +GST for NZ

A very lightweight Highbanker which comes with a 12V bilge pump.

All prices are subject to 15% GST for customers within New Zealand. International customers (shipping outside of NZ) are exempt from paying GST.


If you own or have access to a mining claim (permit) and you need to do some testing then this light weight unit comes in handy. The 1100 GPH pump runs off a 12V battery and therefore can’t be used in a public fossicking area unless you left the pump at home and just used buckets of water to pour into the hopper to wash the courser gravel and to run the sluice. Alternatively you could use a longer hose, connect it to a fish bin which is located in an elevated position* and voilà your high banker all of a sudden is not mechanically powered any longer and legally allowed to be used in the public fossicking areas. All you got to do is regularly fill the fish bin with water and feed the hopper with gravel and hopefully some gold. Get your family or your team involved in a team building exercise. I guarantee you will have lots of fun and some gold to show for at the end of the day!

*Bring an aluminium ladder along for the fish bin and you get plenty of pressure to run the high banker. It might look a bit funny, but hey who cares if you get the gold without even getting wet feet 🙂

This high banker features an adjustable upper section with a removable and adjustable spray bar to change the angle of the water. The 3/8″ Powder Coated Gravel Screen at the end of the hopper separates the larger material and drops the smaller gold bearing concentrate into the Mini Le Trap below. Extremely easy to use. The steel frame comes with adjustable legs that are angled to give more stability to the unit.

Sluice and hopper are made from ABS plastic and Made in the USA.



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