Le Trap Mini Sluice Box

$138.26 +GST for NZ

Ultralight Sluice Box which doesn’t require any matting.

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This Le Trap Mini Sluice is ~29″ (735mm) long and ~10″ (260mm) wide and will hold the finest flour gold as well as large nuggets.

The sluice is made of high impact ABS plastic and will take a lot of abuse, but should you ever get a crack or chip in it, it can be welded with ABS glue, available at almost any hardware store.

The really unique thing about the Le’ Trap Mini ™ is that you don’t need to have fast running water. In the faster water, simply angle the sluice at a flatter angle, around 5 to 7 degrees.  With slower water, you can angle the sluice slightly more. However our experience is this sluice runs really flat and processes the gold well. The flared riffle design causes the water flow to slow as it passes through the sluice, just like a river. The flare causes the water to slow causing a low pressure area for gold to drop easily, resulting in optimum gold recovery.


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