MINELAB X-Terra 505

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The Adventure gets better!
A versatile multi-purpose detector for coin, relic & trasure hunting.

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The perfect all rounder!

The X-TERRA 505 is a high performance, mid-range detector in the Minelab X-TERRA Series. With advanced capability, great depth and excellent discrimination, the X-TERRA 505 is the ideal all-rounder to take your detecting experience to the next level. The X-TERRA 505 has 3 frequency capability and can adapt easily to coin & treasure and relic hunting.


• Minelab’s proprietary VFLEX technology, the new class of single frequency detectors – you can change the operating frequency simply by changing coils.
• Compatible with low frequency (LF) 3kHz coils as well as medium 7kHz and high frequencies 18.75kHz. The LF coil option is ideal for hunting large, deep targets. All X-TERRA Coils can be used on the X-TERRA 505.
• Increased Ground Balance capability, range now (0-50), allowing the user to adjust to ground mineralization.
• Extra detecting pattern – Now features three preset detecting patterns, that can also be customised, plus All Metal mode.
• Choice of 1,2,3 or 4 Tone ID’s plus Multi-tone Target ID (19) response options increasing your flexibility in deciding how target signals are represented.
• Larger discrimination range allowing for finer discrimination of high conductive targets.
• Increased Noise Cancel range, now 5 manual settings, allowing greater choice of detecting channel. Increased Target Volume Adjust range, now (0-30), allowing better target response.
• Threshold adjustment, with a range of -5 to 25, allowing the user to set threshold to level where slight variations from either very small shallow, or very large deep, targets can be noticed.
• Fast recovery Pin-Point with variable tone and graphical indicator.
• Depth indicator, updates continuously, even in Pinpoint mode.
• Positive reflective LCD display.
• Runs on just 4 x AA batteries.
• Ultra lightweight, balanced design (only 1.3kgs).

Download your free copy of the eBook ‘Understanding your X-TERRA’ by Randy Horton.

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