Nugget Finder GPX6000 Coils

$694.78$800.00 +GST for NZ

The newest Coil type from Nuggetfinder. A game changer for the GPX6000 and New Zealand.

All prices are subject to 15% GST for customers within New Zealand. International customers (shipping outside of NZ) are exempt from paying GST.


12″ x 7″ Instock now

16″ x 10″ and 8″ x 6″ Coming soon.

8 Inch x 6 Inch XCeed 6000 Coil:
– This size is the exact size of the “Sadie” coil for the GPX range. Pick every last spec of gold from river beds and small tight areas. You will miss nothing with this highly manoeuvrable coil. 

12 Inch x 7 Inch XCeed 6000 Coil:
– Sensitivity combined with some pretty good ground coverage. At Just 7 Inches wide this coil will be perfect for grassed out areas and getting between obstacles in your territory. Clean up the last shallow bits in your patch before going for some serious depth.

16 Inch x 10 Inch XCeed 6000 Coil:
– Great for covering ground. With a massive 16 Inches per pass you’ll be able to take a pretty normal step and still overlap properly, Knowing your missing virtually nothing. 


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