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Designed for those who break through the boundaries and redefine the underwater adventure, the Scuba Tector Pro is by far the most versatile and portable underwater metal detector QUEST has ever made.

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The Quest Scuba Tector Pro is the perfect waterproof hand-held detector to take with you on vacation. With the Scuba Tector Pro you can dive up to a depth of 60m under water and with the included adapter you can simply attach a handle or shaft (available as an accessory), which also enables the search on the beach and on land!

With its search frequency of 95 kHz and true PULSE INDUCTION Technology the Scuba Pro is very sensitive to the smallest pieces of jewellery. You can feel the vibration, see it through the illuminated display and even hear it if an object is hidden by means of a pulsating sound. You can also adjust the sensitivity / search depth in 4 levels.

If you want to dive to a depth of several meters, you can set the Quest Scuba Tector Pro to dive mode. This mode ensures that the 2 push buttons are not pressed due to underwater pressure. You can activate the scuba device underwater by moving it up and down a few times. In contrast to the Scuba Tector, the Scuba Tector Pro has an additional mode button with which it can be switched from land to dive mode and back again. The Scuba Tector Pro also has an additional reset button that you can use to easily return to the factory settings.

The Quest Scuba Tector Pro has a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery and can be easily charged with a USB cable. With a total length of 43cm (folded 25cm) and a weight of 490g, the diving device fits in every bag or suitcase and can therefore be taken on every adventure, no matter where you go or stand!


Patented dual-hinge design protects the cable from piercing or scratching and easy to adjust the angle.


Fully unfold for underwater searching or semi-fold for beach detecting with extension kit.


Compared with the Scuba Tector, the Scuba Tector Pro’s coil is 2 times larger, but once folded up the whole unit is only half the size of the Scuba Tector pictured on the right above. This means it saves room when travelling, but when detecting you get a lot more coverage.

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Package content

  • Quest Scuba Tector Pro metal detector
  • Coil protection
  • USB charging cable
  • Stem/shaft adapter
  • Lanyard attachment loop cap
  • Two extra O-Rings
  • Plastic replacement bolts and nuts
  • Underwater find bag

Comes with a 2 year factory warranty

Technology Pulse Induction
Operating Frequency 95 kHz
Submersible Up to 60 m
Ground Balance Automatic or Manual (Retune)
Alarm Audio / Vibration/ LED Lights
Sensitivity 4 Levels
Indicators Battery Status, Lost Alarm
Controls Button (On and Off), Alarm Modes, Sensitivity, LED Light
Extension Shaft Available as an accessory
Coil 25 cm x 9 cm
Interchangeable coils Round STP20 available as an accessory
Dimensions 430 x 90 x 60 mm Extended, 250 x 90 x 60 mm Folded up
Weight 400 g
Battery Rechargeable 1000 mAh LiPo
Battery life approx. 14 hrs on a full charge

ST MANUAL ONLINE ENGLISH.pdfScuba Tector Pro Manual