Sand Scoop for Metal Detectors – 3 colours to choose from

$14.70 +GST for NZ

The ideal tool for metal detecting on beaches.

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Plastic Sand Scoop for Treasure Hunting.

(1) Lightweight for scooping up sand to shake out treasures
(2) Easy to find treasure since the plastic doesn’t interfere with metal detection
(3) Ideal for hunting on dry, sandy beaches

How to use:
(1) Use your metal detector to locate the target area.
(2) Scoop up target area sand in our sand scoop and run metal detector over the scoop.
(3) Gently shake the scoop side-to-side, allowing sand to fall out and uncover the treasure.

• Dimensions: ~21 cm x ~16 cm x ~15 cm
• Plastic Material
• Hole Size is ~13 mm
• Capacity is roughly 1 litre


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