Snatch Block 1.5 ton

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The N1002 (3″ – 1.5 ton) Snatch Block is the baby brother of our N1003 (5″ – 4.5 ton) Snatch Block.

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Using the standard 3/16″ cable that comes with the Lewis Winch, this small Snatch Block is rated to take 1.5 tons working load with a 13,668 pound breaking point,

The Lewis Winch Snatch Blocks are made to open in two stages, which allows you to easily change the anchor position from one anchor point to another, or to try a different anchoring device without having to remove the winch cable from the Snatch Block.

The Lewis Winch itself is rated at 4,000 lbs. straight line – or 8,000 pounds using one Snatch Block. As the load is distributed between the Snatch Block and the winch, only a fraction of the total load actually weighs on the Snatch Block.

However, as this Snatch Block is only rated for 3,000 lbs. working load, it is possible to exceed the safe working load of this Snatch Block if you are using a chainsaw rated higher than 5 HP.

This Snatch Block would be useful for anyone who is using a smaller chainsaw that doesn’t give them the Lewis Winch’s maximum pulling capacity.

If you are using a chainsaw with greater than 5 hp and are planning to pull more than 6,000 pounds, we recommend using the big brother of the small Snatch Block, our N1003 Snatch Block with a 9000 lb. working load (breaking strength 39,903 pounds).


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