Stainless Steel / Aluminium Collapsible Handle for Sand Scoop

$129.57 +GST for NZ

Great collapsible stainless steel / aluminium handle for sand scoops.

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Two Stainless Steel Pole Sections with aluminium D-Handle. Stainless Steel material thickness 1.5 mm

  • This Universal Model  is suitable with the following Scoop models:
    • SKU: 010001 5Granik
    • SKU: 010002 Krepish v1
    • SKU: 010004 Excavator v1
    • SKU: 010006 Hex-7 v1
    • SKU: 010007 Hex-7 v2
    • SKU: 010009 Hex-10 v1
    • SKU: 010011 Hex-10 v2
    • SKU: 010012 Krepish v2
    • SKU: 010018 Monstrik v1
    • SKU: 010019 Stealth
    • SKU: 010020 shark v10
    • SKU: 010021 Shark v7


LENGTH assembled: 108 cm (with Aluminum D-handle)
Individual lengths: Upper part 58.5 cm, lower part 56 cm
WEIGHT:  ~1 kg


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