Black Scorpion Fine Gold Recovery Table

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The Black Scorpion is a Fine Gold Recovery table kit fashioned after the old “Miller Style Tables”, but with a twist. Professionally moulded from sturdy ABS, this system is designed, by the use of polarity and texture, to separate even the smallest of gold specs from your screened concentrates, with a very simple process encompassing a slow water flow and brushing technique. Gold Bowls and Gold Wheels are pretty good at getting small gold, but they are slow and require many re-runs. Vibrating tables are also very efficient, but expensive, and they too require several re-runs to maximize your recovery. The Black Scorpion works best based on mesh size, and when you properly adjust your water flow to the mesh size of the concentrate, it’s recovery is amazing, with very little gold reaching the tailings box. In fact, you will be able to recover gold you probably thought you didn’t even have because it was too small to see in your gold pan, and it is this gold that is the most abundant, yet gets thrown out because it’s almost invisible. For years the Miller Table was quite successful at recovering the finest of gold out of your concentrates, and then came the “Brooming Table”, so with that in mind, and a lot of fine-tuning, we have developed what we feel is the best “Fine Gold Recovery” table out there for the price, incorporating water flow and the use of brushes. Introducing the “Series II – Black Scorpion” Fine Gold Recovery Table Kit Features…. •Dimensions – 30″ x 11.5″ •3-stage Texture for superior gold trapping •Removable Water Diffuser (for cleaning). •Sturdy 12+” Steel rear legs with “Adjusters” to fine-tune your table’s level and pitch. •Swivel Hose Connector •Hose adaptor with flow control to regulate water flow •3/4″ Poly Hose Bib adaptor & clamp. •Plastic end covers for the leg tops •2″ Brush for “Brooming”. •Small “Artists Style” brush for separating out the fine gold & guiding it to the “Catch Pockets”. •Plated Steel “Foot Pads” for stability •Tub Stand with “Pump Mount” & Tailings Box •500 GPH 12v


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