Three-Layer Floor for “Pentagon” Tent

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In cases where tents with a stove don’t have a heat-insulated floor, snow can melt beneath the tent and the tent or the uninsulated floor can freeze to it.

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Heat-insulated floor for the “Pentagon” tent

The 3-layer, heat-insulated Pentagon tent floor was specially designed for extremely low temperatures. It prevents snow melting beneath the tent from the stove and keeps the tent interior warm.


  • Weight – 5 kg

The 3-layers of this floor are made of:

1st – Oxford 300 cloth
2nd – Heat insulator – isolon foil
3rd – Oxford 300 cloth

Features of isolon foil :

  1. Low density of 26-45 kg/m3, resulting in low material weight
  2. Ability to reflect 97% of heat
  3. Wide temperature range: from -60° C to +105° C


There are two ways to install the floor:

  • Under the tent. Spread the floor on the ground and install the tent over it. The tent frame bars are inserted into special holes in the floor.
  • Spread the floor inside the tent.