VDR Mini Sluice (3×36 inch) for quick black sand concentrate cleanups

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This is a must for all small and hobby level prospectors who want an easy way to do clean-ups. It offers more utility than many far more expensive products.

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With Devin Gold’s proven Vortex Drop Riffle (VDR) technology, this mini sluice will amaze with how quickly you will be able to reduce your concentrates. You won’t end up with completely clean gold, but you will have far less panning to do at the very end. Even gold particles smaller than one thousand mesh can be recovered, pooling within the vortices that eject lighter material and leave the gold behind. Save hours of cleanup time compared to traditional methods and far more expensive gear! This mini sluice, a VDR equipped highbanker, and a gold pan are the three most potent tools in a prospector’s arsenal. Be sure you can get maximum recovery of even the smallest micro fine gold in minimal time.

A hose adapter, HANSEN Hex nipple SHN20 plus a and garden hose tap nut adapter are included. You simply can hook your garden hose up to it and turn the water on. For a self contained system we recommend an 800-1000 GPH bilge pump with a fitting that matches its hose output size.

A daily cleanup that would often take hours even using many modern gold gadgets can now be completed in a very short time! When you are out in the field it is efficient to get recovery numbers directly so that a prospector can adjust course. Hauling concentrates is expensive so reduce it to gold and carry it out in your pocket instead!

Depending on how highly you value your own time, this finishing sluice could pay for itself in a single day.


  • very high recovery, especially for fine gold
  • routinely recovers sub 500 mesh particles with ease
  • low cost, small, lightweight, portable
  • easy setup
  • simple use and adjustment


  • May be undersized for running huge volumes of concentrate generated by a larger operation

Please note that colour of mini sluice is light to dark green and hose adapter will have to be secured to the sluice by the user with a clamp, screw or similar. If you would like to purchase this unit without the complete adapter setup drop us a line.


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