VDR Sluice (6×36 inch) for testing, production, and black sand cleanups!

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This is an enlarged (6inch x 36 inch) version of our regular mini sluice that is exceptional as both a test production and a clean up unit. It’s larger size is also more useful for commercial operations that clean a large volume of black sand concentrates.

This sluice utilizes the patented Devin Gold Vortex Drop Riffle (VDR) technology to displace lighter materials and pool black sand and gold, excelling at recovering the fine gold that other technologies leave behind.

This sluice can be fed at approximately double the rate of the mini and is recommended to be paired with a 2000-2500 GPH bilge pump. (An Amazon link for a pump with a 24 month warranty is below).

The sluice includes a hose adapter and metal support braces (1/2 inch x 1/16 inch x 36 inch).


  • very high recovery, especially for fine gold and difficult to pan black sands.

  • routinely recovers sub 500 mesh particles with ease.

  • Modest cost compared to its throughput, huge time savings!

  • Small, lightweight, portable.

  • Simple use and adjustment.

  • Easy setup.

  • Can run large volumes of concentrate in a short period of time.

  • Doubles as both a cleanup sluice and a portable test unit.

  • Can be converted into a river sluice by cutting away the backing.

    A hose adapter for ease of use is included. It contains a 1 inch FIP fitting that allows you to add a new fitting to match your water hookup method. The base requires a 1 inch male fitting while a standard garden hose is usually 5/8. For a self contained system we recommend a 2000 GPH + bilge pump with a fitting that matches its hose output size.


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