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Minelab releases first VANQUISH Software Update

Software Upgrade 1.1.
Get more from your VANQUISH.

At Minelab, we understand your passion. Your need to hunt in all terrains and our pursuit of perfection, means VANQUISH is now better than ever.

What is new?

VANQUISH just became more powerful. For the serious detectorist, new Iron Volume Control in the VANQUISH 540 puts you in charge of how much iron you want to hear, making trashy and mineralised soils easier to conquer. For greater control and a simply better detecting experience, hit the download button on the new update now.

VANQUISH 540 Iron Volume Control

Detecting in heavy iron trash is enhanced with the new Iron Volume Control feature. 10-step adjustments let you decrease the volume of iron all the way down to a whisper, while leaving desirable targets (non-ferrous) loud and clear. To engage Iron Volume Control, simply hold down the All Metal button, while simultaneously using the Volume buttons to adjust to your liking.

General Improvements for All VANQUISH Models

The upgrade also includes improved battery handling capability for all models, as well as a new low battery alert.

Do not use the battery charging cable which might have come with your detector, it won’t work for downloading the update. You will need a USB to micro USB data cable. If your Vanquish came with a charging cable for your headphones then use this.