Caledonian Extreme Gold Snuffer

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Deluxe Bulb Snifter or Snuffer. Once your gold flakes have been sucked up simply unscrew the rubber bulb to empty it.

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This easy to use gold bulb snuffer is an invaluable tool for extracting small gold specimens underwater. It can also be used as a high pressure jet to blow hard to reach material out of cracks. It has a one way system making it virtually impossible for gold to escape once the gold has been sucked up. It comes standard with a 8mm stainless steel tube for durability and yellow rubber bulb.
You will wonder how you ever managed without one!

overall length~325 mm
175 mm long s/s tube (tip), Ø 8 mm
245 mm overall length of s/s tube, Ø 8 mm
Ø 80 mm of rubber bulb



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