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Keene KAC1 air compressor for up to two divers

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Keene Engineering have engineered and manufactured an air compressor that doubles the air supply of the standard T80 compressor. “At last, a small economical two diver air compressor without the extra weight, bulk and cost of the Model 263/GAST air compressor.”
Weighs only 3 kg and is engineered to be easily serviced in the field.

Can be mounted in any position. Equipped with two 1/4″ discharge pressure ports and a 1″ large NPT threaded intake port for mounting a variety of air snorkels.

Produces up to 6 Cubic Feet per minute (CFM) and up to 60 PSI. Typical performance: 4 CFM @ 30 PSI. Maximum RPM 2800.

Will provide 1 diver air to approx 15m or two divers to approx 9m. However these figures can vary and under certain conditions can be quite lower. There are a lot of factors affecting the need for more air in a diver, e.g. inexperience, health conditions, hard work under water etc.

Unit is 220mm x 160mm wide & 340mm High
4x Bolt holes are 85x85mm and 7mm diameter

There are several safety items you MUST use with this.
1) a 1.5m high snorkel to draw air from above the engine, that is not effected by carbon monoxide.
2) An air filter on the air feed side of compressor.
3) A certified air reserve tank to provide diver with a buffer of air.
4) quality air hose suitable for breathing.
5) A low pressure regulator as a scuba regulator might not work.

The buyer is responsible for setting this up in the correct manner. Even when setup correctly, diving can be dangerous and can cause harm or even death.

Please read and/or download the following guidelines before buying or using this product:
Hookah Safety Information

DredgeNZ or their original supplier can not be held accountable for any harm to persons or property through use of this product.By buying this you agree to these terms and to adhere to all safety factors stated above.

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